Brian Harry

Corporate Vice President


Brian Harry is a Microsoft corporate vice president and leads the developer services efforts at Microsoft, including Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online and MSDN. Brian has worked in developer platforms and tools for over 20 years and has a passion for development process and enabling teams of developers to be productive and create great software. Brian has experience organizing and leading teams of thousands of developers and works to share his learning from that experience through products and guidance delivered in Visual Studio. Before joining Microsoft Brian worked in two startups - Da Vinci Systems (an early electronic mail company) and One Tree Software (developers of SourceSafe). One Tree Software was acquired by Microsoft in 1994. In '96 Brian and a few others began working on the problem of improving the approachability of our API for the developer masses. Although this started as investigating ways to extend COM it eventually grew into what we now know of as the .NET Framework. For a couple of years, Brian was the Development manager for the Common Language Runtime and then served as the Product Unit Manager through the rest of the V1 and most of the V1.1 product cycle. In 2002 Brian opened a remote development center in North Carolina and formed the Team Foundation Server team.