Windows 8/WinRT

W02 Build Portable XAML Client App Logic and Resources


9:15am - 10:30am

Level: Intermediate

Brian Noyes

CTO and Co-founder


You need to build a WPF or Silverlight client app today, but you don't want to have to rewrite an entirely new version when you start targeting Windows 8 and Metro style apps. There is definitely a path for reuse of code from WPF or Silverlight to Metro, but it takes planning and using the right set of functionality and coding patterns in your app today if you want to minimize the effort of migration to Metro. This session will focus on identifying what kinds of code are good candidates for migration. It will lead you through the coding and design patterns and ways of structuring your code to maximize the potential of reuse of both XAML resources as well as app logic code in view models, repositories, services, and other kinds of client code.

You will learn:

  • How to structure your code for maximum reuse and easy migration to Metro from WPF or Silverlight.
  • What kinds of code can be reusable and what can't.
  • How to migrate portions of an app between WPF/Silverlight and WinRT/Metro.