General Sessions

Keynote: Writing Invincible Code for the Cloud the Easy Way using Dapr


11:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Everyone

Paul Yuknewicz

Head of Product, Azure Serverless


Remember when writing connected application code to do something innovative was the hard part? These days developers have to do more than ever, not only to write innovative and elegant code to run their business, but now also have to deal with all the faults, outages, disasters, hot spots, scale points, and concurrency issues that come with building distributed apps and microservices at scale. In this keynote, you will learn about the best practices to write distributed app code that sings at scale directly from members of Dapr (a CNCF incubation project) and the Azure team that delivered several hyper-scale cloud services in production. It will focus on the topics of resiliency, distributed locking, and optimization in common tasks like async messaging & Pub-Sub, state management, secrets and more. You will also learn about abstractions and implementations to do this the easy way in your favorite programming model and language, while targeting either the Azure Container Service or Kubernetes.