Cutting Edge AI, Microsoft Sessions

VH01 Lessons Learned Building AI-powered Features in VS


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Intermediate

Dalia Abo Sheasha

Product Manager, Visual Studio team


When I first delved into the world of AI last year, I was a complete novice, finding the AI landscape both intricate and daunting. Over the past few months, my team and I have been knee-deep in prototyping and developing features in Visual Studio, learning invaluable lessons along the way resulting in the release of AI features in the product including the AI-Powered rename suggestions feature. Through this journey, I've gained insights into the potential and limitations of AI, the art of prompt engineering, the challenges of integrating AI into existing systems, navigating COGs limitations, embracing Responsible AI standards, and finding the sweet spot between speed and quality in this fast-paced domain. While I'm far from being an expert, I'm excited to share the ten lessons I learned, hoping to ease the path for others embarking on their own AI adventures. Join me for a session packed with insights that might just save you from some of the hurdles I faced.

You will learn:

  • Benefits and limitations of AI
  • Considerations when building AI features
  • Prompt engineering tips