Data & Analytics

T13 Schema Management and Evolution to Create Flexible and High-performance Applications


3:00pm - 4:15pm

Davide Mauri

Principal Product Manager


Managing a data model and schema that is not known upfront and that can change over time might seem an impossible task for a relational database. Well, modern relational databases offer plenty of flexibility regarding such complex topic. From metadata-only schema updates to full support for JSON, though hybrid document-relational models, the possibilities are endless. Such a wide option of possibilities opens interesting discussion on where should land the responsibility of managing the schema changes. In the application? In the database? In between? In this session we’ll discuss these scenarios with practical example and an open mind.”

You will learn:

  • New JSON features in Azure SQL and SQL Server
  • The pros and cons of managing the schema in the app or in the db
  • A third, Hybrid approach