Developing New Experiences

T09 Deep Dive in MAUI


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Intermediate

Sam Basu

Developer Advocate


.NET MAUI is the next generation of cross-platform .NET development stack. A truly single code base powers apps to reach mobile/desktop natively, with tighter inner loop & smarter app architecture. With modern .NET runtime & stable tooling, .NET MAUI promotes code reuse across platforms & enables modernization strategies.

Let’s go beyond the basics with .NET MAUI and explore things architecturally – app bootstrapping, resource sharing, dependency injection, platform APIs, permissions, design patterns & catering UX to mobile/desktop platforms. Web components and styles can be shared between web & native apps – Blazor & JS are welcome on mobile/desktop with .NET MAUI. Let’s dive into app development reality with .NET MAUI - performance tuning, toolkits, frameworks & publishing apps.

.NET MAUI is the evolution of cross-platform .NET development stack – a deeper looks reveals all that’s on offer for developer productivity.

You will learn:

  • About all things new with .NET MAUI
  • About the latest tooling
  • How to share code across native & web platforms