Human Factors in Engineering

H18 Master the Chemistry of Resilience to Achieve Ambitious Results


2:45 pm - 4:00 pm

Level: Introductory

Jennifer Watson


Watson World Wide

Nearly every person has felt themselves struggling with exhaustion, overwhelm and burnout during adversity or change, wondering if they can truly be successful no matter the environment. There is a resilience framework that people are not currently accessing that can be the difference in creating ambitious results or drowning in the daily work.

In this session, wellness expert and 3x All-American, Jennifer Watson, teaches the chemistry of resilience and how mastering it is the key to a life of optimal health and impact. During this presentation, attendees will come to understand what their current relationship with change is and how to create one that champions their success. They will understand the power of optimal Mind-Body-Soul Wellness and its influence on their resilience. Finally, they will learn the Shift-Your-Race strategy in creating an inner resilience that leads to ambitious results, no matter the environment.

During this journey attendees will come to appreciate and create the inner resilience they seek and ultimately the results they desire in their health, their leadership, and their legacy.

You will learn:

  • How to accelerate & sustain a higher-level of resilience using the Shift-Your-Race framework for ambitious results, through growth & change in the work force
  • How to optimize the chemistry of Mind-Body Wellness and gain a deeper understanding of its influence on resilience
  • A clear understanding of their current relationship to growth, change, adversity and shift into one that champions their success