Technical Excellence and Leadership Skills

T12 Is There #Stress in the World of #Tech?


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Everyone

No matter what profession you’re in, our jobs can contain various stress factors unknown to individuals looking from the outside. This is a session based on research that recommends corporations should devote themselves to IT-specific employee assistance agendas. Working as a Developer, Specialist, Designer, Engineer, Expert, Manager, and Technician demands a high level of precision over an extended period, and any slight lapse in one's job could be disastrous.

My method of humor and affection is titled the “dr. Dre method.”

Attendees will learn to:

  • D. DOWNLOAD the cause of your Stress.
  • R. Use a mental ROUTER to direct the stress to a secure site in your mind.
  • D. Learn to DELETE future Stress elements.
  • R. REBOOT yourself and focus on positive aspects.
  • E. ENCRYPT your mind to secure the positive parts.

The pressure of working in computer technology can be a dream for the observers and a nightmare for the workers.

Working in the world of technology can be a great experience, which Developers, Specialists, Designers, Engineers, Experts, Managers, and Technicians create and dive each time they start working.

The session offers solutions to support individuals afflicted by stress within the IT community: employee input, better task content, amplified job control, equal production values, career expansion, enhanced peer socialization, and more excellent workplace ergonomics.