General Sessions

Keynote: .NET 6 – The Big Picture


11:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Everyone

Jon Galloway

Principal Program Manager, Developer Division Community Team


One of the things that makes software development fun is that it's always changing. It never gets boring because there are always new problems to solve, different kinds of apps to build, new places to deploy those apps, and opportunities for faster, smaller, smarter, better apps. But just keeping up can get a bit exhausting, too.

Fortunately, .NET is squarely focused on developer productivity. That doesn't just mean cranking out lines of code faster, it means that .NET is built to make you a superstar at ramping up on any new developer challenge. We give you the tools and training to level up quickly, and pivot your skills to a wide variety of app types and software requirements.

In this keynote, we'll look at what's required of modern software developers, and see how .NET can help you meet those demands better than any other available platform. You'll see how to map new and existing .NET skills to the modern .NET toolset, including .NET MAUI, Blazor, ASP.NET Core with Minimal APIs, C# 10, and more.