Technical Excellence and Leadership Skills, Workshops

M03 Workshop: Soft Skills + Group Dynamics + Communication Skills = Productive Team Projects


9:00am - 6:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Discover the influence that communication places into action while using your everyday people skills, added with a unique active listening style. This workshop is ideal for those who have Teams working in the areas of Software Engineering, Programming, and DevOps.

The approach derives from speaker Crux Conception’s experience as an adjunct professor (psychology & group dynamics) and experience as an interrogator/profiler and hostage negotiator. His proficiency with said skills has allowed him to assemble a method, which will integrate your projects, employees, and team projects.

This workshop will utilize Crux’s research and practice to assist you and your company by:

  • Merging psychology in consort with Active Listening Skills (ALS), resulting in an accelerated-advance technique devised to build team rapport as enhanced recruiting methods.
  • Allowing you to use the Team project model to help your team members cooperate, focusing on utilizing distinctive intensities within individual elements among team members.
  • Illustrating that the above model is acceptable. However, a team will not communicate effectively if a team has been taken apart and separated due to disconnection and lack of communication.

By using ACTIVE LISTENING SKILLS (ALS), a method developed by the FBI, every team member will increase productivity regarding their specific missions. When united, the team members will form successful finalization of their team goal. The team’s entire task will result from a collective productive representation of their work by applying ALS.

As with all teams, each team was placed together because, at the group's initial conception, it was assumed that the team element is within the excellent working order. However, the appreciation of the team model must be well-oiled. If not, team members will individually lack the proper function necessary for teamwork and fail to produce.

Key Takeaways:

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Generational Gaps & Workplace Diversity
  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership and Influence
  • Employee Efficiency
  • Using Group Dynamics
  • The loss of translation in a text/email.
  • The value of how things are said
  • How someone hears a word