Anousha Mesbah

Senior Software Engineer Manager, PowerApps


I have been working at Microsoft for nearly 5 years. I joined Microsoft right after graduating from college. I worked with Windows Phone team for a while and then my path changed after being introduced to PowerApps. My team at Microsoft manages the backend service for authoring Apps that require no programming skills. We use multiple technologies to enable this, from Azure cloud services to Service Fabric. My goal is to enable everyone to create apps without knowing any programming skills. My passion in life, is to advocate for human and women’s rights in this planet and encourage more women to study science and engineering. In my free time, I play soccer, and I love summer and winter activities. Prior to Microsoft, I was studying for my master degree at the University of Georgia, focusing on localization and mapping with multiple robots. I then joined Microsoft as an intern, and liked the industry aspect of Computer Science.