Roy Cornelissen

Lead Consultant


Roy Cornelissen is a total foodie with serious cooking skills, a leisure guitar player, aspiring graphic artist, and a professional mobile and distributed software architect with a healthy allergy for over-engineering—in that order. At Xpirit, he helps customers make the most out of their digital innovation platform using modern mobile technologies. Roy has a strong focus on Xamarin and NServiceBus technologies. In 2011, Roy co-founded the Dutch Mobile .NET Developers group, and he is an active member of the Xamarin and NServiceBus communities. He has been awarded the Xamarin Insider and NServiceBus Champ titles. He is a frequent speaker at software development conferences such as Microsoft TechDays, Xamarin Evolve, NSBCon and Gartner Catalyst. He writes articles and blogs about his professional and personal interests. As an avid amateur cook, Roy shoots for the (Michelin) stars. He loves photography, graphic design and plays the guitar in his spare time.