AI, Data, and Machine Learning, Deep Dive

TH02 Deep Dive: Azure Cosmos DB


8:00am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate

Leonard Lobel



Sleek Technologies, Inc.

This deep dive session aimed at developers and data professionals alike presents a broad overview of Azure Cosmos DB and teaches you how to build event-driven microservices using the Cosmos DB change feed.

First, we'll explain Azure Cosmos DB at a high level, as Microsoft's globally distributed, massively scalable, low (single-digit millisecond) latency, fully managed NoSQL database service designed specifically for modern web and mobile applications. Cosmos DB offers comprehensive SLAs with 99.999% guarantees on availability, throughput, latency, and consistency. It supports a schema-free data model, provisioned and serverless throughput models, automatic horizontal partitioning, replication, global distribution, automatic indexing, multiple APIs for a variety of data models, SQL queries, client SDKs, and a server-side programming model with support for transactions.

With all that groundwork covered, we'll then learn how to build event-driven microservices using the change feed. Like the transaction log of a relational database, the change feed gives you a continuous record of changes as they occur. It therefore serves as an excellent event source for a wide range of cloud-based microservices targeting ecommerce, IoT, and other large-scale scenarios. We'll have lots of demos showing how to leverage the change feed with Azure Functions to implement microservices that achieve replication, denormalization, notifications, materialized views, and data archival.

You will learn:

  • Get introduced to Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB
  • About partitioning, throughput, global distribution, automatic indexing, and SQL queries
  • Build event-driven microservices enabled by leveraging the change feed with Azure Functions