Full Stack Web Development

    Web development has become the dominant approach for building enterprise software. To provide your best on every project, you need to understand the server and browser client worlds. On the server, there’s SignalR and Reactive Extensions; and the client is sizzling with JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular. But more than this, there’s now WebAssembly, Blazor and the ability to run other languages natively in the browser, including C#. Your need to keep up-to-date with all these technologies has never been greater, and we’re here to give you the knowledge you need!

    Topics in this track include:

    • Deep Dive into Angular
    • Angular Reactive Forms
    • SignalR and Reactive Extensions
    • Line of Business Apps with Blazor
    • JavaScript for C# developers
    • AngularJS in a Modern TypeScript World
    • Human-Readable JavaScript
    • Sampling the Services Smorgasbord