.NET Core and More

TH15 Deep Dive: Science of Great UI


1:15pm - 4:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Mark Miller

Chief Architect, IDE Tools Division

Developer Express

Part 1 - Efficiency in Thought & Motion

Explore the how and why of great UI. If you believe you're not an artist, that UI is subjective, or that Great UI takes too much effort, then this session is for you. Learn how to enhance clarity, reduce visual noise, lower barriers to entry, and make your interfaces discoverable, responsive, and a pleasure to use. It's all about making customers satisfied, and this entertaining and information-packed workshop will show you how.

You will learn:

  • The essence of great design
  • How to quickly identify UX flaws
  • How to correct and repair UX flaws.

Part 2 - Design Like a Pro

Get a big boost on your UI skills. Regardless of whether you're building interfaces for watches, phones, tablets, desktops, elevators, automobiles, or interplanetary spaceships; you'll learn how to expertly apply tools from the designer's palette to your designs. We'll discuss contrast, color, shadow, size, opacity, layout, proximity, borders, information dimension, symbols, and graphic languages.

You will learn:

  • Guidelines for emphasis (contrast, size, saturation, gradients, shape, shadow, animation)
  • Guidelines for proximity and layout
  • Guidelines for borders, corners, and button fill