Video Q&A: Why Dependency Injection Is a Must for Unit Testing

Visual Studio Live! speaker Miguel Castro explains why dependency injection has become more important than ever with the rise of unit testing in development.

Posted on 09/16/20130 comments

Visual Studio Live! Session Video: Node.js on Windows Azure

Sasha Goldshtein shows you how to build a Node.js application from scratch and deploy it to Windows Azure in a matter of seconds in this session from Visual Studio Live! Redmond 2013.

Posted on 09/03/20130 comments

Visual Studio Live! Session: Moving Web Apps to the Cloud

Eric Boyd shows you how to migrate a basic ASP.NET app to Windows Azure in this Visual Studio Live! Redmond 2013 session video.

Posted on 09/03/20130 comments

Video Q&A: IDC's Al Hilwa on Microsoft's Ecosystem and Future

IDC Analyst Al Hilwa talks about Microsoft's efforts in building a Windows 8 ecosystem, and whether .NET developers should be worried about their skillset becoming obsolete.

Posted on 09/02/20130 comments

Keynote, Day 2 Video: What's New in .NET

Microsoft's Habib Heydarian discusses the upgraded features in the .NET Framework, including improved debugging and .NET support for Windows Runtime.

Posted on 08/29/20130 comments

Scott Guthrie Video Q&A, Part II: Going Cross-Platform with Azure

In Part II of this interview with Visual Studio Live! Redmond 2013 keynote speaker Scott Guthrie, he discusses the cross-platform development capabilities of Windows Azure.

Posted on 08/22/20130 comments

Scott Guthrie Q&A, Part I: New Azure Cost Savings

At Visual Studio Live! today Scott Guthrie talked with Visual Studio Magazine editor in chief Keith Ward about new developments with Windows Azure.

Posted on 08/22/20130 comments

Guthrie Keynote on Windows Azure Benefits for NET Developers

Watch the complete Scott Guthrie keynote presentation at the Visual Studio Live! conference in Redmond, Wash., Tuesday.

Posted on 08/21/20130 comments

Visual Studio Integration with Windows Azure

Visual Studio Live! speaker Vishwas Lele discusses how the new, tighter integration between Visual Studio and Windows Azure can make developers more productive.

Posted on 08/21/20130 comments

Moving Web Apps to the Cloud

Visual Studio Live! speaker Eric Boyd talks about the benefits of moving traditional web applications to a cloud-based platform like Windows Azure.

Posted on 08/21/20130 comments

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