ALM DevOps

W16 Mobile DevOps Demystified with Xamarin, VSTS and HockeyApp


3:00pm - 4:15pm

Level: Intermediate

Roy Cornelissen

Lead Consultant


DevOps has become a popular means for repeatable and agile delivery of high quality applications. For services and web applications, you're already becoming accustomed to incorporating DevOps practices in your day-to-day job in the enterprise.

Mobile apps bring a set of extra challenges to the table when it comes to DevOps. This session will take you through these new challenges and show how you, as a C# developer, can leverage a combination of the Xamarin platform, Visual Studio Team Services, and HockeyApp to implement a DevOps Continuous Delivery pipeline for mobile apps on all platforms.

You will learn:

  • About the unique challenges mobile apps bring to DevOps practices
  • About the why's and how's of testing mobile apps and gathering user feedback
  • How to implement a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Xamarin, VSTS and HockeyApp