Keynote / General Session

General Session: Developing with Granite and Diamonds - New Productivity on Solid Foundations


11:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Everyone

Adam Tuliper

Principal Software Engineer, DX


We all love technology, it's one of the reasons we are in this exciting field. Coding day and night isn’t uncommon when you have a project you are passionate about. As a side effect, we are all really good at building up a solid foundation with a technology we've worked with for a while, especially when we are excited about the technology. Our brains adapt to the challenge as it learns and grows our core like a solid piece of granite. Developers though become quite comfortable with their core. Often this is fine, but times come when a developer needs to adapt and understand when to use the latest tech. It is an easy trap to fall into that most developers experience at some point in their career, especially with new frameworks and technologies coming out daily.

In this session, we're going to do some exploring of our base – our foundation in .NET and Visual Studio. It’s going to be a journey of what's changed and what hasn't with those solid granite foundations. We need to adapt though. That is one of the reasons you are here. Treat your brain to some proverbial diamonds, the new shiny bits that Microsoft releases each year. With VSLive! DC on the heels of Microsoft’s Build developer conference, let's look forward and see some of the new developments around .NET, Bots & Mixed Reality, and more that can expand our foundations.