Web Client

T09 AngularJS2 with Web, Mobile (Cordova), and Desktop (electron)


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Intermediate

Sahil Malik



The biggest advantage of using open web technologies is they work everywhere. In this session, you'll see an application built that will target 6 platforms with 90 percent code reuse. The same application will run on Web browsers, iOS, Android, Windows 10 desktop, and El Capitan (MacOS). You'll see how you can structure such applications, use AngularJS facilities such as dependency injection to target the right platform with maximum code reuse, and how you can structure your VSCode dev environment accordingly.

You will learn:

  • AngularJS2 application structure with a real strawman application
  • Electron and Cordova with TypeScript and AngularJS2
  • How to structure your VSCode environment to target all platforms with a single project