Cloud Computing

TH17 Not Your Father's BizTalk Server: Building Modern Hybrid Apps with Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services


2:45pm - 4:00pm

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Rick Garibay

Senior Software Development Manager

Join Rick as he explains how to build modern hybrid apps with Microsoft Azure BizTalk services.

Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services is a new breed of PaaS middleware capabilities (iPaaS) for building a new generation of applications and solutions that extend beyond the traditional business, network and security boundaries of the enterprise. More than just messaging, MABS delivers robust routing, transformation, mediation and enrichment capabilities to your hybrid applications enabling a whole new generation of connectivity across the enterprise, devices and clouds.

In this session, we'll wire up a responsive mobile web app to a back-end application residing behind the firewall using a low friction, RESTful approach. We'll cover how to map from your application domain to other system, application APIs and options for pushing data to multiple destinations including Microsoft Azure, Web Services, and FTP.

You will learn how MABS can take the pain out of sharing information behind the firewall, support many of the rich mapping capabilities you've come to expect from BizTalk making integration with 3rd party service providers and assets behind the firewall a breeze.