Delivery and Deployment, Workshops

T02 Workshop: You Have a Self-Organizing Agile Team, Now What? Technical Leadership Skills for Everyone


10:00am - 1:00pm

Level: Everyone

Sara Caldwell

Business Agility Coach

Angela Dugan

Cloud Solution Architecture Manager


Your company is going through a transformation journey and now you are the leader of a self-organizing team. You need to be a servant leader, and the training we often get during these transformations doesn't talk about what that means or how to do it. How do you enable your team while driving the business forward? There's a crisis, how do you lead confidently and compassionately while managing end-users? Do you fall back on traditional management principals? Do you rely on what you’ve seen other managers do? There are likely some anti-patterns hidden in there to avoid, what are they?

Topics we’ll dig into in our 3 hours together:

  • What a self-organizing team looks like
  • Level setting on leadership within a self-organizing team
  • Team toxins and antidotes
  • Skills workshops (Attendees get to vote on topics like active listening, effective decision making, giving/receiving feedback, effective mentoring, managing conflict, etc.)
  • Why change is hard

You will learn:

  • Attributes of a strong self-organizing team, and of their most effective leaders
  • Recognizing team toxins and the antidotes to address the toxins
  • Team skills workshop, determined by attendees’ votes