Silverlight and WPF

W11 Using Microsoft Prism – Loose Coupling for Application Development


1:30 PM - 2:45 PM

Level: Intermediate

This session demonstrates the loose coupling capabilities of Prism and their use in composite applications. A sample program is shown for use in the nurse's station of a hospital. See a demonstration of how Prism’s loose coupling facilitates the loading of different modules. Then, learn how loose coupling easily allows different user interface elements views to be shown based on these roles (patient demographics tab always shown, pharmacy tab only shown when a doctor or nurse is logged in, disposal-of-remains tab shown when mortician is logged in, etc.). We will discuss the MVVM pattern for separating layers of software development. We will demonstrate the use of the Prism loosely coupled event system for sending the "PatientSelected" events to all listeners without needing or wanting to know who those listeners are. In addition, this session addresses the limits of loose coupling; for example, the designers of the smart parts need to have SOME notion of the size and shape of the space in which they are likely to be shown in order to design their user interfaces optimally. We will discuss the out-of-band communication necessary to meet this sort of need. Finally, we will discuss the addition of MEF to the Prism stack.

You will learn:

  • Loose coupling as an application strategy for enabling agile development and testing
  • About Microsoft Prism as a pre-fabricated toolkit that eases the task of developing loosely coupled apps
  • To explore Prism on your own