T9 Digging Deeper into Windows Phone 7


1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite: None

Walt Ritscher

Walt Ritscher

Staff Author

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Walt's enthusiasm for crafting software interfaces blossomed early. Just a few days after discovering how to move pixels around a computer screen he was devouring books on the topic of computer graphics and UI design. Before long he was sharing his discoveries with other technology buffs, a lifelong pursuit that has led to teaching engagements at universities, private training companies and the international conference circuit. As a consultant he has worked with a wide spectrum of clients, including Microsoft, HP, Intel, and Intuit. He is now a staff author at Lynda.com, part of the LinkedIn family, where his content team produces hundreds of technical training courses for software developers each year. His current UI obsession revolves around the XAML APIs. You can find his blog at blog.xamlwonderland.com and visualstudioadventures.com

There are a lot of new concepts to learn in Windows Phone 7. Take Hubs and Live Tiles for instance, they are a new way to organize and update information on your phone. Hardware interaction is important to the phone developer too. You’ll need to access the GPS or the accelerometer at some point won’t you? Then there’s the Push notification system, which is a way receive events in a low power consumption fashion. Naturally, the default search engine (Bing) and mapping service (Bing Maps) are covered in this session. Join me for a wide ranging tour of the software and hardware API’s available for the phone. Plus we’ll look at what it really takes to get your phone application uploaded and available on the Microsoft Marketplace. Ka-ching.