T15 Building RESTful Applications with the Open Data Protocol


2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite: None

Todd Anglin

EVP Cross-Platform Tools & Services


Todd Anglin is Executive Vice President of Cross-Platform Tools & Services for Telerik, a provider of tools and solutions for web, desktop and mobile application development. In his role Todd is responsible for teams focused on cross-platform solutions, which include the company’s popular HTML/JavaScript framework, Kendo UI, as well as Icenium, the easiest way to build hybrid mobile apps. Todd is an author and frequent speaker on HTML5 and web standards development. Follow Todd @toddanglin for his latest writings and industry insights.

Applications today are expected to expose their data and consume data-centric services via REST. In this session we discuss what REST is and have an overview of WCF Data Services and see how we can REST enable your data using the Open Data Protocol (OData). Then you will learn how to leverage existing skills related to Visual Studio, LINQ and data access to customize the behavior, control-flow, security model and experience of your data service. We will then see how to enable data-binding to traditional ASP.NET controls as well as Silverlight and Excel PowerPivot. We’ll then turn to consuming SharePoint and other OData based applications in .NET as well as from a non-Microsoft client. This is a very demo intensive session.

You will learn:

  • What REST and OData are
  • How to use Astoria to build apps-and why
  • Client side technology for data access (LINQ, etc)