WKS1 Making Effective Use of Silverlight and WPF


9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite: None

Billy Hollis

XAML Slinger

Billy Hollis is a software designer and developer with a contrarian streak that often challenges conventional wisdom in the industry. He has a consulting practice in Nashville, Tennessee. He and his team focuses on user experience design (UX), advanced user interface development, rules-based architectures, and healthcare systems. He teaches design classes for UX and technical classes on XAML for the Universal Windows Platform and XAML for WPF.

Rockford Lhotka



Rockford Lhotka is the CTO of Magenic, and is the creator of the widely used CSLA .NET development framework. He is the author of numerous books on software development, and regularly speaks at major conferences around the world. Rockford is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. Magenic (magenic.com) is a company that specializes in planning, designing, building and maintaining your enterprise’s most mission critical systems. For more information go to lhotka.net.

Are you ready to move to next generation XAML-based interfaces? Have you tried and floundered? Or did you get something that looked just like your old interfaces except with prettier colors? Come and hear some real-world advice from a couple of industry notables who have been working with WPF and Silverlight for years. They’ll help you build your conceptual skeleton for XAML-based UI, lowering the barrier to effective development of more intuitive, attractive, and productive user interfaces. You’ll see an introduction to XAML syntax and a deep look at the layout system. You’ll learn how data templates and control templates give you an unprecedented degree of control over visual appearance and behavior. You’ll learn the basics of styles and animation, and leave with pointers to resources for a more advanced look. Finally, you’ll hear about some real-world lessons in advanced UI development, and see some examples of effective and innovative interfaces. You’ll leave with a better conceptual understanding of WPF and Silverlight, and ready to get much more out of advanced sessions on these technologies.

You will learn:

  • Effective design of Silverlight and WPF applications
  • XAML syntax and the use of Visual Studio 2010 designer features
  • Practical application of the MVVM design pattern