Cloud Computing

T15 Using C# and Visual Basic to Build a Cloud Application for Windows Phone 7


4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Srivatsn Narayanan

Srivatsn Narayanan

Developer, C# and VB Compiler Team

Microsoft Corporation

Lucian Wischik

Lucian Wischik

Senior Program Manager


Are you a C# or Visual Basic developer, interested in building Windows Phone 7 applications that scale with your user base? Come to this demo-packed session and learn tips to develop these applications. You’ll start with an idea for a killer Windows Phone 7 app. It needs an Azure backend because it’s online and connected and is going to scale to millions of users. You want to sell it on the Marketplace. How will you develop it? This demo shows technologies that that will help you pull it off! It highlights some existing C# and Visual Basic language features like LINQ to XML, and some upcoming language features like Async for ASP.NET, that will turbo-charge your development. The only thing it doesn’t cover is what kind of yacht to buy when your app hits the big time.