Programming Practices

TH10 The Scrum vs. Kanban Cage Match


11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Level: Introductory

Benjamin Day

Consultant & Trainer

Benjamin Day Consulting, Inc.

Scrum and Kanban: Apples and oranges or evil twins? These two competing ways to develop and deliver software may seem like natural enemies but there’s a lot of commonality between them – especially considering they both have the goal of developing high-quality, working software. While Scrum may seem like your Dad's agile, you probably see Kanban as Scrum's hippie cousin. Well, perhaps that’s not true but there are a fair number of philosophical differences between the two processes. Different upbringings – Kanban was born in manufacturing, Scrum comes from the software world.

This session answers fundamental questions about each of these process frameworks and offers attendees the opportunity to ask questions of the processes themselves. We’ll learn what Scrum and Kanban are, how they differ, their similarities, and the strengths and weaknesses of each. With audience participation we learn how each practice handles specific situations. By anthropomorphizing each practice we will truly get to know them. Iterative incremental is facing the continuous flow challenger. We bring these two together to face off and settle old scores once and for all.