Workshops, Mobile Development

MWK1 An Introduction to Multi-Platform Mobile Development Using C#: iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7


9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Level: Intermediate

Ken Getz

Ken Getz

Senior Consultant

MCW Technologies, LLC

Brian Randell

Brian Randell


MCW Technologies

 So you want to build a mobile application? Which platform should you choose? If you’re doing internal development, you might get to choose a single platform. If you’re looking for anything that involves other companies or consumers you know you need to have broader reach. Yet, you’re a .NET developer using C#. What do you do? In this workshop, Brian and Ken will show you how you can build a single mobile application that runs on Windows Phone 7, iOS 4, and Android. They’ll show you how you can use web services and common DLLs to minimize your codebase so that you only have to write custom user interface code on each device. To do this, they’ll use Visual Studio 2010 and Visual C# for Windows Phone 7. For iOS 4 and Android, they’ll use the C# and the Mono tools from Novell. They’ll wrap all of this together with Team Foundation Server 2010 so you see how a multi-platform team can work concurrently with Windows and OS/X. While you won’t leave an expert in any one platform, you will leave with a solid understanding of how to structure your mobile applications so you can get the most bang for your development buck. Come spend the day and see how you can join the mobile revolution.

You will learn:

  • Mobile development using C# and MonoTouch, MonoDroid, and Windows Phone 7 tools
  • Configuration of a shared development environment that supports all three platforms using TFS
  • Effective design techniques for factoring out common code to be called by all three platforms
  • Web service calling conventions