Cloud, Containers, and Microservices

T03 Azure 101


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Introductory

Denny Cherry

Owner and Principal Consultant

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

Microsoft Azure is a daunting thing to look at and think about. In this session, we'll look at the basics of Azure, what the options are for setting up an Azure account; as well as look at how regions are broken down. We'll take a look at the differences between Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service as well as the High Availability and Disaster Recovery options that are available to do with these services. We'll finish the session off by looking at some options for Virtual Machines within Azure as well as the SQL Server offerings that are available on the platform.

You will learn:

  • An understanding of Azure
  • How to use the right Azure Solution to your problem
  • The best way to purchase Azure