Modern Software Engineering

TH18 Where the Rubber Meets the Road with Dev and Ops Teams


2:45pm - 4:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Joanna Wyganowska

Director of Product Marketing

Octopus Deploy

When people hear the word "DevOps" they often associate it with "collaboration." However, this collaboration causes more problems if teams struggle to deploy software efficiently. Dev teams are typically involved in the front end of the DevOps pipeline, mostly provisioning code, organizing the toolchain, etc. Ops teams get involved at the end of the process to ensure the software is ready for release to a myriad of environments. Where the rubber truly meets the road between these teams is during a large-scale deployment.

There are obstacles that set back collaboration between Dev and Ops teams starting with sheer momentum. Conflicting team goals and initiatives are a significant reason why these two teams hesitate to cross the divide. Ops teams look at goals from a macro point of view, and Dev teams look at goals from a micro point of view. This creates conflicting KPIs. Ops teams need to keep the entire production environment up and running. If it's ever to go down, they're the ones who get paged in the middle of the night who always have to be on-call. Dev teams are focused on their application. They're focused on adding features and functionality and delivering that to production as quickly and efficiently as possible. Agreeing on a goal, discussing new KPIs, and identifying the correct leadership within the IT structure are ways to combat the hindrance of team collaboration.

Collaborating with aligned goals simplifies complex deployment processes allowing software solutions to be delivered faster and in a unified way to various deployment environments. So how does deployment automation connect Dev and Ops teams? Let’s find out!

You will learn:

  • How to successfully bridge the gap between Dev and Ops
  • How to agree on goals and KPI metrics, and align your DevOps team
  • How to build Development and Operations teams of the future