Developing New Experiences, Deep Dive

TH16 Deep Dive with MAUI


1:15pm - 4:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Sam Basu

Developer Advocate


.NET MAUI is the next generation of cross-platform .NET development stack. A truly single code base powers apps to reach mobile/desktop natively, with tighter inner loop & smarter app architecture. With .NET 6/7, .NET MAUI promotes code reuse across platforms & enables modernization strategies.

Let's look under the surface of the future with .NET MAUI. Architectural changes make things more consistent in .NET MAUI – app bootstrapping, resource sharing, dependency injection, support for multiple design patterns & catering to mobile/desktop platforms.

Older desktop technologies like WinForms/WPF get a breath of new life. Migration & reusability from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI should be natural - tools can help. .NET code & styling can now be shared seamlessly between web, desktop & mobile. Blazor isn't just for modern server/client web apps, but now powers native apps with .NET MAUI. Web components and styles can be easily shared between web & native apps. JavaScript SPA apps written with Angular/React/Vue are welcome too – JS & .NET can freely talk to each other. Polished web UI is reusable on mobile/desktop apps from a true shared codebase & with full platform API access. Welcome to the island mindset with MAUI – let's mix & match technology stacks & move apps forward.

.NET MAUI is a combination of technologies to evolve cross-platform .NET development stack for future – a state of mind for surf & fun. Let's explore!