Cloud, Containers, and Microservices, Microsoft Sessions

VW05 Lower the Learning Curve: Onboard, Provision, and Deploy Your Apps in Record Time


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Introductory

Matthew Soucoup

Principal Cloud Developer Advocate for .NET


Modern cloud-based applications are more complex than ever. They can be composed of frontends, backends, microservice architectures, 3rd party integrations and more. Each of those has its own codebase and specific set of cloud resources (and dependent resources) that need to be provisioned and deployed to.

Now imagine trying to be productive with a new codebase... you don't need to imagine because we've all been through first needing to understand the code, then its dependent resources, and finally how to deploy what to where and then if we're lucky and got all those moving parts in place, we can get to work. Oh, and we didn't even mention setting up the development machine!

Those days are over. In this session, we'll cover tooling available that will help you add "tours" into your code to help folks get situated faster. We'll also cover how to get reusable development environments spun up fast and how to provision resources and deploy code in a low-friction manner. You'll come out of this session with new ideas on how to reduce the time to onramp folks to your projects.