Cloud Computing, Microsoft Sessions

TH20 Serverless with Azure Functions – Scale Dynamically and Pay per Execution


2:15pm - 3:30pm

Level: Intermediate

Donna Malayeri

Program Manager


Azure Functions is Microsoft's serverless compute offering. Azure Functions is event-based, so you can trigger from a queue message, blob, a timer, or even a OneDrive file. You pay per execution and the platform automatically scales based on the rate of events. In this session, we'll describe the concepts behind serverless computing and show how easy it is to author Azure Functions in Visual Studio. You can run, debug, and even trigger on events in Azure. For monitoring, Azure Functions integrates with Application Insights. This provides rich queries and alerting, making it easy to understand how your application is performing. This demo-rich session will teach you how to create your own functions using the best-in-class Visual Studio tooling.