Native Client, Microsoft Sessions

TH10 Let's Examine XAML: is the Hype for Real?


9:30am - 10:45am

Jerry Nixon

Developer Evangelist


The future is bright for XAML. There is good reason Microsoft continues to double-down on this UI platform: it's amazing. Why did the Windows team recently standardize on XAML? Why did the Office team standardize on XAML? Why did Microsoft's first-party Apps team standardize on XAML? Why did Xamarin standardize on XAML? Why do mobile and Enterprise developers choose XAML with such enthusiasm? The answer is different and the same for all of them: XAML's power and productivity is exhaustive, proven, and intoxicating. Or is it? Let's step back together and take a look at this decade-old technology and see why it is the standard for today's enterprises and cross-platform apps, and if it can become the new "Standard" for tomorrow.