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TH04 Pretty, Yet Powerful. How Data Visualization Transforms the Way we Comprehend Information


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Walt Ritscher

Walt Ritscher

Staff Author at LinkedIn

Our applications and devices are gathering and storing data at unprecedented levels. Once the information is in the datacenter, you need tools to help us understand the hidden knowledge contained in that stockpile. You have business intelligence tools that can help, but at some point in the data analytics cycle, you need to show results to the stakeholder. That's when choosing the correct visual representation of the data becomes vital. Do it wrong and the data is merely wrapped in pretty graphics. Do it right and the user perceives their information in clear and meaningful patterns.

There has been an explosion of research on ways to present data in graphical form in the last decade. This is often called Data Visualization or Information Graphics and it is becoming a must have skill for UI developers. This session explores the overall visual concepts that make data easier to grasp. Do you know the best way to show data to your users, so that the information is clear and understandable? Come to this session to learn how to make your data shine.

You will learn:

  • Concepts of clean modern information design
  • Understand the power and pitfalls of the human visual system
  • The differences between data visualization, information graphics and motion graphics
  • Why time based animation is a powerful data enhancer