Visual Studio / .NET, Microsoft Sessions

W15 Detect, Diagnose & Solve Problems with Application Insights


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Intermediate

Rahul Bagaria

Product Manager


Too many developers and product teams are still running blind. They are either not aware of problems with their apps, or do not have concrete information to fix those problems. Application Insights can help you turn the lights on with quick & proactive 360° information about your apps' availability, performance and usage so you can efficiently solve your problems and improve your customer experience. The list of things which can go wrong with your web or mobile app is endless - dependency failures, server downtime, resource crunch, code defect, crashes etc. Discover how Application Insights with real-time contextual data makes it easy to quickly diagnose and solve a wide range of such issues. You will also experience some of the most exciting features that Application Insights offers, slicing & segmenting your data to derive actionable insights and gain increased understanding of your customers.