Visual Studio / .NET

TH21 Agile Database Development


3:45pm - 5:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Richard Hundhausen

Consultant & Trainer


To many teams, agile database development is a contradiction in terms. Agile practices have not traditionally applied to SQL Server development. In fact, some teams still see the database as something that has to be created first, before any coding begins. This way of thinking can delay the realization of business value and even lead to waste. However, with a bit of education and by leveraging the SQL Server Data Tools, database developers can participate in the same agile practices as the rest of the team. These practices include unit testing, test-driven development, refactoring, and even continuous integration. In this session, you will see that it is possible for database developers to be just as agile as the rest of the team.

You will learn:

  • How to use SQL Server Data Tools to practice agile database development
  • Strategies to get DBAs to collaborate with the rest of the development team
  • How to integrate database development and refactoring with the rest of the team