Visual Studio / .NET, Microsoft Sessions

TH05 The Future of Reporting with Visual Studio Online


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Intermediate

Jeff Levinson

Senior Program Manager, Visual Studio Online


Visual Studio Online is investing heavily in the reporting space in the next several years. We’ve made huge strides in starting to expose data via Power BI today. This session is an opportunity to not only see what we’re working on but to provide your feedback and have a direct impact on the product development. While light-weight charting works well for team members, that type of reporting does not scale up to teams doing scrum of scrums, enterprise teams using CMMI, or simply management which may need to report across projects. The Power BI Visual Studio Online connector provides the ability to span teams and report on data across teams and team projects. Come learn how to use Power BI to report on what you really want to report on!