Cloud Computing

W09 From the Internet of Things to Intelligent Systems: A Developer's Primer


10:45am - 12:00pm

Level: Introductory

Rick Garibay

Senior Software Development Manager

Join 7-time Microsoft MVP Rick G. Garibay for a fun and interesting session in which you'll learn what the Internet of Things is all about along with a sneak peak at the reference architecture (code-named Reykjavik).

Analysts predict that there will be anywhere from 50 to 200 billion Internet connected devices by 2020. Imagine every device as an object that is capable of communication in both the voluntary exchange of information about itself and its surroundings as well as being able act on the environment around itself in context.

The Internet of Things is here, and there is a whole new breed of intelligent systems that have the potential to be bigger than mobility and the cloud combined. In this fast paced, action packed, demo dense session, join 7-time Microsoft MVP Rick G. Garibay for an understanding of what the IoT is all about and how the marriage of modern cloud capabilities with devices like Arduino and Netduino serve as a blue print for enabling new intelligent systems today. This session will also feature and early look at the reference architecture (code-named Reykjavik) that Microsoft has developed for use with high-scale IoT solutions as well as a walk through the recently released Azure Service Bus Event Hub capability.

You will learn:

  • What IoT is really all about
  • How IoT will change your employer's and client's business
  • Devices, application and communication protocols you need to know
  • Getting up and running with real-world IoT today while preparing for tomorrow