JavaScript / HTML5 Client

T08 Great User Experiences with CSS 3


11:15am - 12:30pm

Level: Intermediate

Robert Boedigheimer

Principal Systems Developer

Schwans Shared Services, LLC

In this session you will learn how to utilize the new features of CSS 3 to create a dynamic site.

CSS 3 provides many new features such as rounded corners, opacity, rgba, web fonts, transitions, transforms, box shadows, multiple background images, and much more. Review what current browser support is for CSS 3, and learn how to provide support in older browsers. Learn about vendor prefixes, why they are used, and a strategy for utilize them while preparing for the future standardized versions. Discover how media queries have been expanded to provide a foundation for responsive web design and multi device support.

You will learn:
  • How to add style to existing pages
  • How to use transitions and transformations for a more dynamic site
  • Vendor prefixes (and strategies)
  • Media queries and multi device support