Cloud Computing

W9 Building Windows Azure Applications


11:25 AM - 12:40 PM

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Vishwas Lele

Chief Technology Officer


Cloud based computing offers serious financial savings for companies who want a flexible approach to building applications. Microsoft Azure provides a very compelling platform for building cloud based services. Since Azure applications can be built with .NET, you can reuse your existing skills. As part of this presentation we will take an existing MVC 3 application with all the web stack goodness (MVC4, Scaffolding, EF 4,NUGet packages, validation and more) and migrate it to Windows Azure.



Keynote Announced!

Cameron Skinner

Visual Studio 11: Turning Ideas into Software

The world of software today is defined by the word “Experience”. You can see it in the way people have adopted new experiences for devices of different form factors, you can see it in how people want to experience their information and you can see it in the context of how people interact to build software solutions. Regardless of the solution you’re building, the fundamental need for a compelling experience exists. In Visual Studio 11, Microsoft aims to ensure that developers have all the tooling to create compelling user experiences, an IDE that sets a new bar for the developer experience and a family of products dramatically improves the team experience for everyone.

Cameron Skinner, General Manager, Visual Studio Ultimate, Microsoft


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