AI, Data, and Machine Learning, Microsoft Sessions

TH03 Developing a Machine Learning Application in R


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Yung Chou

Cloud Solution Architect


What is Machine Learning and how does it work? Where to start and how to develop a Machine Learning application? This session offers an opportunity for you to find out and learn.

Yung will share his experience in developing a Machine Learning application for predicting a hospital readmission problem. From data preparation, feature engineering, to modeling and data visualization, Yung will explain his reasoning, processes and operations by walking through the code and development of a Machine Learning application, while examining executions and results.

This delivery may serve as an introduction to coding a Machine Learning application. The essentials, solution approach, and some coding practices of Machine Learning are programming language-agnostic. Those who are already familiar with Machine Learning, yet foreign to R, may find this session helpful for facilitating and accelerating their learning R.

You will learn:

  • Machine Learning essentials of problem domains, algorithms, modeling, and tools
  • Examine the anatomy and design of a Machine Learning application
  • Understand the development process of a Machine Learning application