Azure / Cloud Computing

VSW15 Windows Azure in the Enterprise: Hybrid Scenarios


4:00pm - 5:15pm

Vishwas Lele

Chief Technology Officer


If you’re like most organizations, you have your existing servers and IT infrastructure (either on-premises in your own datacenters or in 3rd party co-location facilities). You also have an IT staff to manage these assets. So as you think about using the public cloud, you’re not thinking of it in a silo. Ideally, you’d want to integrate the public cloud with existing IT, manage it no differently, and even have applications with parts running on and off-premises. This hybrid nature of Windows Azure deployments is the focus of this session. Specifically, we will discuss four hybrid scenarios and describe how you can bring Azure to your enterprise. These scenarios include:

  • Store and backup your data to the cloud
  • Setup dev/ test sandbox in the cloud
  • Managing Azure and on-premises resources through a single pane of glass
  • Setup SQL 12 Always On secondary in the cloud.