Web and JavaScript Development

VST06 Jump-Start for Building Single Page Apps with Angular


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Intermediate

John Papa

Principal Developer Advocate


HTML5 Single Page Apps (SPAs) focus on delivering better user experiences with significant client-side interactions using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. Now you can get started with SPA using the ASP.NET SPA Template. This session explores the core pieces that help you build end-to-end SPA solutions using Angular including data binding, abstracted remote data calls, app life cycle, page navigation and routing, and rich data features. Along the way, we'll also touch on popular libraries such as Knockout, Durandal, and Breeze to compare the benefits of each.

You will learn:

  • SPA fundamentals
  • Data binding
  • Using rich data with Breeze.js
  • Navigating and App LifeCycle