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MWK3 Workshop: Programming with WCF in One Day


9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Level: Introductory

Miguel Castro

Miguel Castro



Melvicorp LLC

WCF seems to have been quite an intimidating topic for many developers. It's a technology that provides a unified programming mode for what used to be four different technologies. In truth, it's simpler to use than you may think. Still, many developers are bent on continuing to develop new projects using ASMX web services and even .NET Remoting, the two primary technologies that WCF fully replaces. Even though at its simplest, it doesn't take much to get a service up and running, and is indeed a topic I've tought in standard 75 minutes sessions, WCF offers many other characteristics that make developing services in it very appealing. But it is these very additions to the basics of WCF that intimidate developers. In this one-day workshop, I'll take you through the design and development of WCF services from the ground up using a best-practice approach from the beginning. We'll cover service contracts, data contracts, services, proxies, hosting, and consuming. Then we'll dive into many of the additional features provided by WCF including but not limited to transactions, fault handling, and instancing. And time-permitting we may get into the basics of WCF security. You'll walk out fully armed and ready to start writing WCF services without intimidation.

You will learn:

  • Knowledge of all the WCF fundamentals and some of advanced features
  • If you had the basics down, this will take you to the next level
  • Lots of tips and tricks for design, hosting, and WCF consuming