Windows Phone 7

W12 Advanced XNA Games for Windows Phone


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Brian Peek

Senior Technical Evangelist


XNA is an extremely powerful platform that extends far beyond simple 2D sprite-based games. In this session, learn how to build 3D games and the deal with the complexities that come with moving to the third dimension. The session will consist of building a very simple 3D game for Windows Phone. Specifically, attendees will learn how to import pre-built 3D models, animate them, and display them in 3D space. Additionally, the session will cover shader-based effects, handling user input, playing sounds and music, and putting it all together for submission to the Marketplace.

You will learn:

  • Introduction to 3D graphics
  • How to use 3D graphics and associated concepts on Windows Phone with XNA
  • Tips and tricks for maintaining high performance with 3D with XNA