Keynote: The Developer of the Future


8:00am - 9:00am

Justin Marks

Senior Program Manager

Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server

Gabriel Torok


PreEmptive Solutions

Powerful trends involving the cloud, mobile and the consumerization of IT is driving seismic changes. An expanded focus on delighting end users, increased productivity and feedback driven development is expanding the definition of what it means to be a developer. Distributing apps through marketplaces, and managing software across distributed heterogeneous environments and near continuous deployment is just a sampling of the evolving demands that modern developers will have to embrace.

This keynote will deconstruct some of the market forces that are fueling these changes to propose a developer roadmap that maps technologies, tools and the use cases to the developer skill sets that will be required to successfully navigate through these very exciting times.

We’ll look at ways in which you can remain focused on customer value, utilize different kinds of feedback from stakeholders and customers at critical points in the software development lifecycle, and effectively integrate feedback into the product to deliver a solution that can wow your customers! Through demos, we explore specific examples of seeking, automating and processing customer feedback with the new Visual Studio ALM 11 toolset.