TH06 Improving Web Site Performance and Scalability While Saving Money


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate

Robert Boedigheimer

Principal Systems Developer

Schwans Shared Services, LLC

Can you really improve the customer experience and save money? There are many simple techniques and free tools available that can do both! This session will start with a traditional ASP.NET web site and show step by step how to improve it for both client experience and cost savings. Review the basics of caching and learn how to avoid costly server round trips by using expirations to maximize use of the client's browser and also reduce server side execution time with data caching on the server. Use HTTP compression, minification of JavaScript and CSS, server side viewstate, and image optimization to reduce client downloads by 50-75%. Take advantage of free CDN networks to host jQuery and Ajax files. See how tools such as Ajax Minifier, Fiddler, Network Monitor, and Google Page speed can be used to help diagnose and verify improvements. Be the hero in tight economic times, doing the impossible by using these simple techniques to cut costs and make your customers happy!

You will learn:

  • Learn current techniques for reducing the number of requests made for a web site using CSS sprites, consolidation of files, etc
  • Leverage IIS features such as Http Compression and expirations
  • Review tools that can evaluate a site's performance