Full Stack Web Development

W01 ASP.NET Basics for Experts


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Layla Porter


Developer Advocate,


People love to stay in their comfort zone and do what they've always done. But what if you could take your web applications to the next level just by getting the fundamentals right?

In this .NET 6 demo-rich session, I will show you how to make your applications more testable, maintainable and resilient.

Whether you are working with a monolith or a vast distributed application, the areas we'll cover will be applicable.

Join me and learn about the following topics and more!

  • Minimal APIs, top-level statements and good design practice
  • Dependency injection and inversion of control
  • HTTP clients and policies
  • Resiliency and circuit breakers with Polly
  • Discovery clients with Steeltoe OSS

You will learn:

  • Good design principles
  • Building resilient systems
  • Building maintainable systems