Cutting Edge AI

VW10 Development with Azure OpenAI: Copilots and Beyond


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Intermediate

Andreas Erben

CTO for MR and Applied AI


Dive into the exciting realm of Azure OpenAI in this practical, insightful session. We'll explore the integration of Large Language Models into application development, focusing on Azure OpenAI while also peeking at emerging OpenAI features.

Starting with API basics, we'll delve into advanced concepts like adding external functionalities to Language Models or memory concepts and embeddings for data integration . We'll also cover multimodal functionalities including image processing. Plus, discover Microsoft's "Semantic Kernel" for enhanced .NET development.

You will learn

  • Understand Azure OpenAI APIs for effective application development.
  • Integrate advanced functionalities into Language Models.
  • Get started Semantic Kernel for more effective .NET based solutions